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My vision for Commerce City is a holistic approach  to development where there is attainable housing, small business growth, access to  clean land, water and air, quality education , careers with living wages, affordable housing, cultural activity, and community development.

Housing Equality

Growth needs to be inclusive and housing policies should benefit residents equally with real estate developers. Growth must be responsible.

Commerce City needs affordable housing and rentals, and expanded down payment assistance programs and counseling.

Small Business Development

 Loan fund programs have dwindled and unfortunately the focus has been on subsidizing large projects and new Metro Districts that benefit big box stores and franchises and not small business development. Small new startups have a difficult time trying to compete for a piece of the pie. My commitment is to make sure the city creates greater opportunities for small business growth. 

Environmental Justice

Commerce City has historically been a victim of exposure to high levels of pollution whether from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in the past and now Suncor Energy and possible fracking as the Regional Operating Agreement will allow fracking industry in Commerce City. Little has been done by state and Commerce City government to address the issue of hydrogen cyanide gas and other dangerous pollutants blown into the air above the City. Little has been done to address oil and gas pollution until I was quoted in a Denver Post article expressing my concern about the problem.  

Climate change and public health are inseparable when we plan for improved health, we must do our part to address climate change.

I also understand that Oil & Gas operations employ many people in Commerce City. We must work on balancing community health and jobs where both can exist in equally. 


A unseen bond that brings people together, and it is critical we help our community preserve their culture. Commerce City is a very diverse community which is our strength and what makes Commerce City unique.

I've overcome many challenges and adversities in my life primarily growing up poor. I have overcome with perseverance and hard work. I know what it takes to succeed with integrity and this will reflect in my work to make Commerce City successful.

Status Quo

The water in Commerce City has always been a problem.

The Mile High Kennel Club redevelopment project is over due by a couple of years. I will make it a priority to address why this project has been delayed and what is the best practice to move the work forward to implementation.

I will commit to the management of public facilities in a equitable manner. I will work to strike a balance between jobs and health. 

The  current city council makes decisions without consulting the citizens; like changing the name of Highway 2. I will work with city council to make sure back door deals are not made and councilors are not enticed to unethical practices.  

I am a Honorably discharged U.S. Navy Veteran. I retired from CenturyLink communications with 20 years of service, I worked in sales, data administration and  analysis. We worked with residential, business and government customers at the Federal, State and Local level. 

In  2012 two-hundred thousand constituents of  RTD district k elected me to represent them on the RTD Board of  Directors in 2013. I served faithfully and dutifully on the Board for six years as an advocate for providing public transit that offers safe, clean, reliable , courteous, accessible, and cost effective service throughout the district. I was elected by my peers to serve as Secretary, 2nd Vice Chair, and Treasure. I served with distinction on  many committees during my tenure, including terms as Chair and  Vice Chair on both the Civil Rights and Government Relations Committees, and represented  RTD on the Adams County Economic Development Committee.

I served on the Board during a time of  tremendous growth for RTD, during which I helped guide the organization to ensure  its long-term, viability and sustainability. My peers at RTD elected me to the position of Secretary where I had the oversight of a  5 Billion dollar budget. 

Family History 

I have lived in Commerce City for sixty-five years: My Father worked  in a meat packing plant and my Mother was a nurse assist .  I am married to Anita Solano we have two daughters and five grandsons, one grand-daughter and one great grand-daughter.

 I was educated in School District 14 schools, graduated from Adams City High School, worked my way through college and graduated from Metropolitan State University. I also completed my masters curriculum at the University of Colorado at Denver graduate school of Public Administration.and attended the University of Denver School of Law.

I am running for Commerce City mayor because we need leadership with new ideas that represent the community. We must work on many issues that matter including safe and affordable neighborhoods, a strong economy with good jobs, better roads, reliable transportation, clean environmental practices, and diverse community services.

Together, we can build a better Commerce City, where we all live, work and play.

I can not do this alone; I will need your help. There will be volunteer opportunities to help secure and win this election. If volunteering isn't possible your donation to my campaign is another option. Every thing is appreciated; Thank you.


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