Paul D Solano for Commerce City Mayor


I have lived in Commerce City since 1954 (66years)  growing up in an ethnically mixed blue-collar community. I developed sensitivity for the working poor at an early age. I experienced the importance of hard work, commitment, education and perseverance to overcome adversity and poverty. I have a diverse employment background including working as a laborer, welder, network technician, paralegal, data administrator, and as a RTD director for six years. I am a member of the Communications Workers of America and proudly support my union affiliation. 


I earned my  B.S. in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State University of Denver and my masters studies in Public Affairs at the University of Colorado at Denver. I also attended the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, and worked for Solano Law Offices. I also earned a certificate from the University of Phoenix in telephony, telecommunications and networking with analog and complex digital circuits.


Paul D. Solano for Commerce City Mayor

I  advocate for needy disadvantaged children, the disabled, elderly, LGBTQ, and the most vulnerable members of society. I support progressive public policy, equality and fairness for all. I bring to Commerce City a passionate desire for social, environmental and economic justice. I believe equality and diversity in city government as an avenue to establish a path for economic growth, environmental justice, civil rights, and good for the greatest amount of people.